What if it was time to play together?

Are you facing one of these situations or aiming for one of these goals?

  • complex or strategic project kick-off ;
  • strategy definition or planning ;
  • decision making, complex problem solving ;
  • shared vision,
  • roadmap,
  • action plan;
  • organization transformation ;
  • team organization ;
  • shared learnings ;
  • service innovation ;
  • share governance initiation ;

Approaches and tools


As a collaboration designer, facilitator and graphic facilitator, I create the conditions and work methods that allow collective intelligence to emerge, because it is not enough to bring a group together in a room to benefit from its full strength. I accompany groups to enable them to reach predefined objectives, to produce desired results (decisions, production of ideas, planning, problem solving...).


Neither an expert nor a decision-maker, the consultant diagnoses, analyzes, and outlines approaches to make decisions visible and helpful. I also intervene in this role, most often in the preliminary phase of the launch of a collaborative approach or in its accompaniment.

Methods, tools

All my workshops are tailor-made. They can be based on specific methods (e.g. LEGO® Serious Play®), classic tools (World Café, Open Forum, Professional Co-development, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.), design models (e.g. Scan / Focus / Act, Design Thinking, Lean Startup) or even call upon complementary skills such as graphic facilitation.

Do your teams need support in their transformation?

Do you want to create the conditions for stakeholder engagement, to share, develop, decide and implement a co-constructed approach, whether in the short term or in a longer term and iterative process?

Do you want effective actions and lasting results?

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